Our Orphanage & Feeding Center (Burundi Africa)

Pastor Rey Cedillo
(760) 805-2134


Purpose Statement:
Nick’s Place (Home of Hope) is an expression of love for the orphan children. God says that He is “the Father of the orphans” (Psalm 68:5) and “God supports the fatherless” (Psalm 146:9).

Mission Statement:
There are an estimated 153 million orphans worldwide. Nick’s Place (Home of Hope) is helping address this worldwide need through five means:

#1: We have “adopted” 8 orphans between the ages of 5-8 and seek to fund their temporal needs — housing, educational, clothing, food, medical, etc. We have provided a home environment for them and built them a house we call “NIck’s Place” (Home of Hope).
#2: We have started a Porridge feeding center in their local village (Gitamaruka) and are providing food and clean water for 125-135 children.
#3: We are providing the children spiritual nourishment via the Word of God through our faithful team of Burundians that model for them the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
#4: We hope to improve their educational needs by adding a Learning Center — three classroom specifically to teach them how to read and write in English and offer art classes.
#5: We hope to help the this village start some income generating projects so they can assume greater responsibility for their needs. When we started this ministry, Burundi was ranked as the 3rd poorest country in the world. The average Burundian earned $12 per week.
We can’t do everything but we can do SOMETHING.
We can’t help everyone but we can help SOMEONE.
Out of the many worldwide orphans we wanted to change the lives of eight of them (Bright, Badina, Fidia, Felician, Hope, Sosthene, Pacifique and Medas) and feed 130 village children.
All this was started by two young Burundian men (John Peter and Philemon) with no funds and no material possessions to their name but they had incredible FAITH in God and unquenchable love in their hearts for the children of the village. Since then, lives of children have literally been saved from death due to malnutrition and the whole village has been transformed.